NOLA's the Cure for Your Case of the Mondays - Jul 2015 - July 27, 2015 By: Kelley Pettus, GoNola,com While most cities have thriving weekend culture, few can boast buzzing weekdays like New Orleans. It is, after all, the city that turns a Tuesday into the largest party of the year. So it’s perhaps no surprise that the preceding day benefits from the NOLA treatment, too. Mondays in New Orleans are often busy. From happy hours to weekly shows, here’s a look at what’s happening every Monday. - read full article
Battle of the Bands: Kitchen Edition - Jun 2015 - By: Alia Akkam, Tasting Table The kitchen at Juni is always silent, but before ensconcing himself, Shaun Hergatt, executive chef and partner of the intimate New York restaurant, has his headphones on, most likely hypnotized by the sounds of DJ Danny Tenaglia. "I listen to a lot of different artists—Alabama Shakes, Crowded House, David Bowie—but it's deep, cerebral house music that clears up and inspires my mind," Hergatt says. For stressed-out chefs like Hergatt, whose "life is consumed by work," a rush of music (his favorite album is Athens, part of Tenaglia's Global Underground series) helps create the much-needed focus to tackle grueling 14-hour days. But trance-inducing beats aren't the only conduit to preservice serenity. - read full article
5 Questions with Brian Landry of Borgne and Matt McCallister of FT33 - Jun 2015 - The Daily Meal: What is your best piece of advice? Brian Landry: Work hard and play hard. What are you most excited about this year? The opening of Willa Jean Bakery where I get to cook with chefs Kelly Fields and Lisa White. It’s going to be a pretty cool spot. What is the best thing you have eaten or drank this week? Smoked tea duck from Masterpiece located on Buford Highway in Atlanta. If you were a float in a parade, what would you would be? A pool, clothing optional, with a wet bar. What is standing in your way right now? Nothing is in my way. - read full article
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