Following the flounder: why this New Orleans seafood classic enjoys a cult following, bones and all

February 2016
By: Ian McNulty, The Advocate

Seven Weeks of Seafood: Seafood consumption always soars this time of year for reasons that can be religious, cultural, seasonal or some combination thereof. In this series, we feature dishes and styles of seafood to take you beyond the basics, to show the diversity of flavors at hand and to inspire some new cravings.

It took a little sleuthing for chef Brian Landry to arrive at the recipe for the whole stuffed flounder he serves at Borgne, the modern Louisiana seafood house he opened with the Besh Restaurant Group in 2012. The New Orleans native grew up eating at West End restaurants, and in a quest to replicate it Landry asked suppliers and purveyors and cooks for insight on the old standard.