New Orleans Saints' Tailgate Recipe: Duck Poppers

January 2016
By: Mary Orlin, San Jose Mercury News

New Orleans native Brian Landry is a self-confessed "die-hard Saints fan," as well as a booster of the region's coastal cuisine, drawing inspiration from the big pots of gumbo and jambalaya he enjoyed on family fishing trips. Landry's culinary path led to stints at Galatoire's and the Louisiana Seafood Board, before joining up with chef John Besh to create the seafood and bayou-centric Borgne ( But Landry's comfort food when the Saints lose is Borgne's twice-cooked turkey necks with pepper jelly. His tailgating pick? Duck poppers, a staple at fishing and hunting camps. "It reminds me of hanging out with good friends and family," he says.

Q What food shows up at a New Orleans tailgating party?

A There's always some version of a gumbo. Any good tailgate includes game, whether that's wild duck, venison or fish that someone caught.

Q What dishes do you bring?

A I would bring fried fish sliders made with fish that I caught myself. My ultimate tailgate food is raw oysters.

Q What's your biggest culinary Hail Mary?

A When the Super Bowl came to New Orleans in 2013, it was crazy. At one time, we were hosting three different events, had a crew at the Superdome and a full restaurant.

Q Where should visiting fans dine when visiting New Orleans?