Where Y'Eat: Classic Or Modern, New Orleans Oyster Bars For Every Taste

January 2015
By: 89.9 WGNO

Oysters make people happy. That’s a simple truth that resonates deep, and goes beyond satisfying an appetite or even a craving. It’s something as visceral as the raw oyster itself, bursting with the essence of the tides. It can instill a sense of well being bordering on euphoria.

In New Orleans today there are many more ways to chase this bliss. As the number of eateries serving oysters has increased, so have the variety of oyster bar types in which to partake, depending on your style, your mood or your budget.

It means there are more ways for the oyster obsessed to express their love, either by finding that just-right spot, or perhaps embarking on a grand oyster tour. That’s a pretty handy excuse to get holiday visitors out of the house too.