Hot toddy time? 7 recipes for chilly-weather, and which N.O. bars serve them

January 2015
By: Laura McKnight, Times-Picayune

With forecasts calling for cooder temperatures this weekend, New Orleanians may get finally be able to shift from snowball weather to hot toddy season.

From new takes on the classic cold-weather cocktails to creamy inventions, featuring chocolate and herbal liqueur, New Orleans bartenders are prepared for our occasional dips into winter temperatures.

Even with just a chill in the air, hot drinks conjure a cozy seasonal feel, with their hints of mint, clove, cinnamon, chocolate and nutmeg.

Honeysuckle Hottie
Makes 1 cocktail

6 ounces hot water
1 bag chamomile tea
1-3/4 ounces honeysuckle vodka
1 rock sugar swizzle stick

Steep tea bag in hot water in a rocks glass or coffee mug. Add vodka. Garnish with rock sugar swizzle stick and serve.

About the drink: The Honeysuckle Hottie is a hot- tea cocktail made with Dammann Chamomile Tea, Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, and a rock candy swizzle stick.

"The soft notes of the honeysuckle vodka and chamomile are a perfect match without being too floral," Landry said in an emailed comment. "As the rock candy dissolves the drink gets a bit sweeter, and you can also simply remove swizzle stick once you have your perfect amount of sweetness."

The drink is available at Borgne.